A Standee That Stands Out

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Recently here at Ink Outside the Box, we did something fun and unique for Montana State University Bozeman. This “standee” was created to promote a special contest sponsored by Rosauers. The idea of the cardboard cutout has been around for many years, so we won’t take complete credit for this novel idea, but the things we have changed are quality and impact.

This standee was printed directly to half inch Gator Board using our green friendly UV inks. The thick substrate guarantees stability and durability when placed in high traffic areas, and also gives the figure a sturdy and prominent appearance.

Promotional items like this are fun to look at, and create a more dramatic visual connection to the message they portray. Having fun with signs and marketing is highly valued here at Ink Outside the Box, and it is this enthusiasm that we bring to each project we undertake.

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