Bamboo The new renewable Trade Show Hardware

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There is a new trend that is taking shape in the tradeshow world, Bamboo. With an ever increasing need to “go green” in peoples day-to-day life, it only makes sense to apply these same principals to your business. From paperless billings systems to recycling cardboard and paper waste, there are small things that make a big difference that your business can do.

Now there is a green solution even for your Montana trade show! Bamboo hardware is a great renewable recourse because it is grown in vast quantities and grows faster than other hardwood sources. Now how can we apply this green product to an industry dominated by lightweight metals and non-recyclable printing graphics? The answer is simple… everywhere.

There are many creative graphic solutions for your tradeshow exhibit that feature green alternatives. With bamboo, there are roll up fabric banners, banner stands, large booth systems and literature racks. Your eye catching graphic design can be printed on X-board or X-board plus which is an ecoboard substrate made from recycled papers, and your printing can be done with UV inks that do not outgas into the atmosphere.

Even if the wood look of bamboo does not fit your current marketing theme, there are other ways of going green at your next trade show. Promotional products can also be green. There are eco friendly pens that are made from entirely recycled materials that can be imprinted with your company’s logo. Biodegradable banner materials can be used to print your graphics and as always you can have your printing done with UV ink.

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