Booth Placement at a Trade show

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Here at Ink Outside the Box we spend a lot of time with our blog talking about trade show graphics, booths and presentation for our Montana tradeshows and more. One thing that tends to slip past people when they are actually at the trade show is positioning. Where on the tradeshow floor is your booth going to be located. You can have the best graphics in the world but if your exhibit space is in a dark corner, you may not get the best recognition.

Now getting the prime spaces at an event may not be as easy as one might think. Often times the best places are reserved for repeat booth owners who book in advance. But don’t worry, there are still things you as a business owner can do to make sure you get the most traffic and credit as possible.

The more popular the show, the faster the popular spaces get taken up, so if you know about an upcoming show, reserve your space as soon as possible. The interesting thing is that sometimes the amount you spend makes little difference when gaining a better spot, so be early and ready to jump.

Now lets look at the strategy for picking the spot. The position you choose will help you achieve your show goals, and knowing the tricks and tips to positioning will make it that much easier. The middle of the show floor is the best place to be if you want to be in the thick of things and see lots of people. The middle is the center most point of your show traffic and often times all other booths are based on grid system stemming from the middle.

The front of the show is a great place for profile building and impact, although visitors do tend to rush past the front booths. To make a great first impression for potential clients, pair aw inspiring graphics with being first in their line of site as they enter. They may walk past to see the whole show, but you are there beginning and end.

Other great places to set up are near points of interest. People will gather around food courts, seminar theaters or feature areas of the show. The places where people will tend to stop become key for getting noticed. Your potential clients will gaze around the show as they rest, eat, and listen to seminars, and your booth will be right in their line of site.

Now these are the places to avoid during a tradeshow. In smaller shows it tends to not matter as much but being in the back or on the far sides will greatly decrease your traffic flow. Corners or areas of constricted walking space make it difficult for potential clients to access your booth. Avoid these areas and that with a great looking exhibit, interactivity and fantastic booth staff, and you will have a very successful tradeshow!

(adapted from Positioning Yourself at the Show by Marketing Nomadic Display)

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