Cleanwaste Booth

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Ever thought about how to be green friendly and environmentally conscious when nature calls? Well, the smart minds at Clean waste here in Bozeman, Montana have the solution, a portable bathroom that folds up and packs away. The bags are biodegradable and easy to use, especially for hikers, campers, road trips and much more.

With this highly needed invention how will they ever get the word out? The answer is simple with a little help from us… An updated trade show display. With all of their marketing options, Cleanwaste has completely changed the image of their company through large format printing on various materials like fabrics and display film. The color pallet is light and modern paired with simple design to create an effective tradeshow presentation.

Your business can easily create a striking trade show exhibit with options from Nomadic display. Please review the options we offer and contact us with and further questions.

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