Creating a Company Theme

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Creating the right look for your business through graphic design and presentation can be one of the most important things when starting out. The look and feel of your company’s image will determine how your potential clients perceive your professionalism and quality of product. No detail is too small when your business is at stake, and that is where the idea of themed execution comes into play.

Themed design is a step above the average corporate branding; it entails design and concept planning directed at a central idea, theme or style. This is not to be confused however, with marketing direction. Marketing is an ever-changing attempt to draw in new clients with campaigns directed to elicit a specific response. Marketing will change strategies, mediums and styles several times throughout the life of your business, and good marketing works directly hand in hand with your corporate identity or theme.

There are several ways to create a “theme” for your business. For example, a seafood restaurant may decide to create the look and feel of being underwater for people dining or a museum could create the feeling of being in outer space for their planetarium guests. A theme can be elaborate or subtle depending on the desired effect.

Our team here at Ink Outside the Box is dedicated to coming up with the best creative theme solution for your business and here are some examples of how to accomplish this.

What will your theme be? Take a look at your business and decide what service you provide, who is your target audience, and what theme would benefit both. Possible solutions could be retro or modern, nature, space, animals ect… the possibilities are endless.

Does your logo reflect the feeling your business is going for? It could possibly be too sterile when your business is directed toward a more fun market, or it is outdated when your company is cutting edge. A new or refreshed logo is a great way to start your corporate theme. Often it dictates color schemes and design direction for the entire rest of the project.

Mural or Wall Graphics
What is the atmosphere of your business? Wall graphics are a great way to utilize generally unused space. Make your wall look like you are looking out onto the beach or in a forest. Put something special on your walls that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Custom Cutouts
What will jump out at your audience? Cut outs will create a sense of depth and interest for your business. Use this solution to push the theme even further with elements chosen from your theme. If underwater, hang fish from the ceiling or walls, planets in outer space, or trees in a forest. Most anything can be used to create three-dimensional depth and interest.

Object Wraps

Can you wrap something with a graphic to make it fit your theme? Graphic wraps will help make out of place objects fit with your company theme. Wrap a fridge, desk, or post with another element from your design direction.

Floor Graphics
Will clients walk all over your design? The floor is a relatively unutilized surface when it comes to marketing and themed design. You can make a faux river that guides your clients around your workspace, make a black hole in outer space or create anything fun and interesting that will impress your clients.

These are just a few examples of what can be done when creating a theme for your business. Many more solutions exist for themed design and a sales representative from Ink Outside the Box can work directly with you to find the best one. You can also request custom mock-ups to see exactly what your business will look like upon themed completion.

For more information about ideas like this please contact us.

(Chattys 50s themed Ice Cream concept)

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