Fabric, Not Just For Tablecloths

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A lot of times we think printing is limited to paper, well in recent years, more and more marketing graphics are being produced on fabric. Textiles are more durable because they resist tearing, stretch and flex with ease, and can be cleaned more easily than traditional banner and paper materials. Although the initial cost of fabrics can be slightly higher, the difference is easily made up by their prolonged life span and more eye-catching appearance.

Ink Outside the Box has been utilizing textiles on a request basis for clients in the past, but we believe that the more people see and know about fabrics, the more they will come up with creative graphic solutions for their own use. We have created flags for Costco, Table skirts and podium wraps for Bozeman, MT Cleanwaste, Sail Banners for The Montana Lottery, and roll-up banner stands for various clients. The possibilities however, do not stop there; we are always on the look out for new and interesting ways to utilize fabrics in the future.

The fabric that we use the most is a 100% polyester knit, and is primarily used for Banner Stands, Tension Fabric Structures such as trade show booth, and Stretch Frames. It can also be used for Pole Banners and interior or exterior banners. Now, we are not talking the washed out and fuzzy printing that some companies will pass off as high quality fabric printing… this material and printing process features high color brilliance, deeper blacks and brighter whites. It is slightly elastic and wrinkle and crease resistant. If you would like a sample of this or any other material we use, please fill out our free request form.

Another creative solution that Ink Outside the Box has been doing is printing on Art Canvas. Being able to take client photo images and personal photographs and print them on art canvas for a custom work or art. We can even frame them in metal or wood frames for the finishing touch! But I am getting way too ahead of myself for one blog. Look forward to hearing more about custom framing and other printing options in the blogs to come.


For more information about Fabric Banner options, Please contact us.


Here are some fabric images taken directly from the web… Fabric solutions that we have produced can be seen in our galleries and other blogs.

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