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Ink Outside the Box is Montana’s certified Nomadic Display distributor, and Nomadic Display is continuing to strive for green solutions in manufacturing and product solutions. The importance of recycling and low waste manufacturing processes has always been on peoples’ minds, but few solutions have been offered to the tradeshow community. Not only is it essential to have a finished product that utilizes recycled materials, but also it is also important to know that it was produced, packaged and delivered in a waste conscious manner.

Nomadic Display has outlined their Environmental Policy and provided the ways they help realize their goal.

Nomadic Display is making it a priority to adopt a green business environment. We design superior quality, high performance, and energy-efficient products. Our manufacturing facilities in the USA and Ireland have been, and will continue to be, committed to adopting environmentally friendly practices in design, production, and delivery of our displays. Our Corporate and Sales Offices are committed to demonstrating environmental leadership in all facets of our business transactions.

Nomadic Display is actively working with our employees, suppliers, partners and users around the world to meet, or exceed, our current environmental commitments.

Here are some of the product solutions and production methods that they currently use.

Recycled Materials

Aluminum Structures are 80% post-consumer recycled content.

MDF boards made with green binding agents and wood fibers that are a waste by-product of the lumber industry.

Velcro mare from 100% certified, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Packing foam made from recycled materials in our shipping cases to protect contents in transit.

Shipping cases contain the maximum levels of reprocessed resins.

Shipping cartons are made from a combination of recycled, recovered and new corrugated paper products.

Promotional materials are printed on 100% recycled, elemental chlorine-free papers.

Pollution Prevention

We have significantly reduced our use of solvent-based adhesives.

We print graphics with non-toxic, water-soluble, ultra-violet inks.

Our displays are compact and lighter in weight to be more efficient to ship.

We use only SmartWay Transport Partners with exceptional fuel efficiency/environmental performance scores.

Water and Energy Conservation

We use LED lights for down lighting that use up to 100 times less energy and last up to 100,000 hours when used indoors.

To conserve power, our manufacturing facilities have installed motion-sensing switches for production processes to eliminate high-energy consumption as well as automatic timers for lighting.

Waste Reduction

Fabric scraps are repurposed as product packaging fillers or for other uses.

We cut our company wide consumption of paper for communications, transactions, management and record-keeping systems in half in the past year.

For more information about Nomadic Display’s green efforts as well as the green Movement here at Ink Outside the Box, Please Contact us.

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