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Recently here at Ink Outside the Box we installed a full vehicle wrap for KBZK news station. This vibrant truck wrap is sure to get noticed driving around Bozeman for their “Live Mobile News Room.”

Sometimes rather than painting a vehicle and then applying smaller graphics it is more cost effective and visually effective to completely wrap the truck to create a rolling billboard (mobile marketing).

Bozeman and other cities around Montana or surrounding areas can tend to have strict rules and regulations regarding signs and billboards. Your sign cannot be too big or obtrusive and has to stick to rigorous guidelines for several other aspects such as placement. Mobile marketing is great because it requires no permits and you can put almost anything on your vehicle (as long as it is in good taste).

You and your employees go everywhere in your vehicles, and a great way to advertise is on all that empty space on the shell of your car. It can be something as simple as a magnet you can remove when you are not on the job or a one to full color graphic on a door or window. Or in the case of KBZK a full and bright wrap for maximum visibility.

Express the professionalism and the personality of your business with mobile marketing.

For information on mobile marketing like this, please contact us.

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