KidStuff Website Launches

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We have been working closely with Kid Stuff here in Bozeman, Montana to create a marketing theme for their store opening this fall.

Recently, we launched their website earlier this week. The focus of this website is to be something more than a splash page. People go there to learn about who the company is, what they do, and how to get in touch with them.

KidStuff has discount new and recycled, higher end, kids gear and clothes. This website will help gather information about the people wanting to make appointments to sell their outgrown or unwanted kids clothes, and provide more information about the company. It will also have the ability to grow with the business and provide more options in the future.

We were able to work with Kid Stuff to provide various marketing materials that are essential for starting a business such as: logo, business cards, postcard or mailer, magazine ad design, and website design. We will also be working with kidstuff in the future to create a temporary coming soon banner, outdoor sign, and indoor signage.

KidStuff is coming this fall so we would love everyone to show their support for this great local business and check it out!

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