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Everyday we see advertising like billboards, signs, vehicles, and store fronts. Sometimes this imagery gets lost in the back of our minds blurring together with all the other visual stimulation throughout the day.

The important thing to remember is that outdoor advertising is nothing new. You could probably stretch back as far as the ancient Egyptians who would carve hieroglyphics into stone, dictating new laws and hierarchies. Ok, so maybe that was a bit too far of a stretch. Where did outdoor marketing begin in more modern times?

“According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the first large American outdoor poster- more than 50 square feet- originated in New York in Jared Bell’s office where he printed posters for the circus in 1835.”

Around that time and for many years to come, outdoor advertising was limited to merchants and storeowners hand painting signs and posting notices in windows for unique products or promotions. It is nice to note that hand painted signs can still be acquired today if going for a certain nostalgia or esthetic.

In today’s advertising world, we see many of the same things being advertised but in many different ways. The creative execution of ideas can make all the difference in a visually crowded world.

One of the ways for taking your advertising to “where the people are” is through mobile marketing- a.k.a vehicle, truck, and car wraps. At this point in our economic history, how is the mobile and out-of-home marketing performing? “Stephen Freitas, chief marketing officer for the OAAA, reported at the beginning of December that the out-of-home industry ‘rests on a fundamentally sound foundation.’ During a recession, advertisers are looking for value and out-of-home advertising provides outstanding bang for the buck in the media industry.”

So why does out-of-home advertising give more “bang for the buck?” With an ever changing demographic for radio, television, and direct mailing, more money is spent on a sort of “shotgun” effect. Hoping to catch the right potential clients in widespread radius of marketing shrapnel. With out-of-home marketing, overall cost tends to be less and the demographic is constantly new and different, reaching a wider range of potential clients wile utilizing the same marketing piece.

In the end, you will decide what works best for your business and how to best utilize your marketing budget for 2009. But don’t worry; Ink outside the box is always here to help. For printing, car graphics, trade show, promotional and signs, we can partner with you for the best creative graphic solution for your business.

(blog post adapted from “Go Where the People Are” by Denise M Gustovson in the February issue of Wide-Format Imaging www.wide-formatimaging.com)

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