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Recently Sabine Warden, owner of Photographic Art, revised her logo with the help of Ink Outside the Box.

Photographic art is a local Bozeman, Montana business that specializes in photographing life’s events in a way that emphasizes art and beauty even in the every day. They will create unique and memorable images of weddings, pregnancy, portraits, children and more. For more information about Sabine Warden Photographic art please contact her at

(406) 585-8904.

320 North 23rd Avenue

Bozeman, Montana 59718


Sabine Warden wanted a fun and modern logo that emphasized her approach to photography. She has a professional but lighthearted style and wanted to reflect that in her Montana business logo design. We used a playful font that resembled a hand written style for her name along with a simple and clean font for “Photographic Art.” Varying sizes of circles in the center give the feeling of movement and life along with a clean and earthy color pallet. The new logo will be seen in various places including new website that is in the works, vehicle graphics and other possibilities.

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