Total Body Restoration

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Ink Outside the Box has brought the restoration to a local Bozeman, Montana Business. Recently the Ink Outside the Box Design Department undertook the task of redesigning the logo for Total Body Restoration. It was an effort to create a modern, sleek and interesting logo that would convey a variety of messages.


The logo features gears within a silhouetted figure. The message is one of the body as a machine. When everything is working correctly the gears are turning. The main focus of Total Body Restoration is to get the body as a machine working again. Correcting pain and increasing motion and resilience. For more information about this process, feel free to contact Total Body Restoration at: 186 Garden Dr. Bozeman, MT 59718. (406) 586-8123.


In the future Total Body Restoration will be updating Business Cards, Storefront Sign, Brochure, and other promotional information. If you have an existing logo that could use a modern update or you are in need of something brand new, please contact us with information regarding your need.

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