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Why spend thousands on a new tradeshow booth when all you may need to do is update? Trade show accessories can add new life into your booth or display. You may have missed this years trade show season in Montana and surrounding areas, but it is never too late to plan for next year.

Accessories, when added tastefully and in moderation, can give your exhibit that extra push to stand out from the rest. Now we say tasteful and in moderation because sometimes too much of a good thing can overpower the presentation of your booth and people may pass it by because there is simply too much to look at.

There are a few basic types of tradeshow accessories that will enhance the overall presence of your business at an event. These are not the only creative solutions of course, and printing custom banners for target markets or promotional products to give away are some other examples of what can be done. The only limit is your imagination.

Literature Racks

These simple yet effective stands add visual interest to your booth. They come in a variety of sculptural shapes, and many of them fold down for compact storage and transport. Show off your commercial printing brochures and pamphlets in style.

Many times it is nice to have a place to sit down and demo products and services through a PowerPoint or video. A kiosk allows people to have a more interactive experience with computers or monitors at your trade show booth. It becomes a sales tool that provides professional impressions.

Lighting is something simple that is often overlooked. Light up your display to attract attention, allow for easy viewing of your custom printing graphics and marketing materials.

Headers and Floating Panels

Sometimes a simple update can be adding a header with your logo or a floating panel. Potential clients are attracted to 3 dimensional designs with highlighted points of interest. It shows that extra care was given to graphic elements and how you present yourself. This first impression often times gives potential clients their opinions on how you run your business.

Tell potential clients that you are professional, dedicated, and take the extra time to make a good impression. Here in Bozeman, Montana, Ink Outside the Box is committed to helping you find the best accessories for your trade show display. Don’t forget that we can also print and design your graphics, as well as offer new booth solutions for businesses starting fresh.


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