What event are you attending?

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With Trade Show season fast approaching, many business find that now is the time to start thinking about what events to attend. Often times things like tradeshow displays, and promotional products can get neglected until the last minute. Have no fear for INK Outside the Box is here with a few helpful hints.

  1. 1. Plan Ahead

Knowing what events are coming up is key to planning a successful marketing and networking year. Whether it’s a local farmers market or national event, most reoccurring events have very specific registration and attendance guidelines, so contact your intended event office as soon as you have decided to participate. This leads into our second tip..

  1. 2. Know Your Booth Space

Knowing exactly where you are going to set up is key to a good presentation. Is it indoor or outside? What is lighting like and will you need to bring your own highlight lamps? How much space will you have and where is it located? All these things should be determined before hand.

  1. 3. Practice Set-up Before the Show

Always know how your exhibit goes together before an event. Once you have determined the location and size of your space (from tip # 2), mock up a space and set things up to plan exactly how it will look once you get there. It is also helpful to know how long it will take and exactly how many people are required for set up.

  1. 4. Evaluate Your Presentation

Now that you have everything set up for your mock up, take a look at your graphics. What does your message say and are there any things that need a refresh? Are there any new and exciting things that you would like to highlight at this event? The key to good marketing and networking is keeping things fresh and interesting for your clients. Keep them coming back to your booth by presenting new material or promotional shwag.

  1. 5. Call INK Outside the Box

This tip is simple. Let the experts at INK help your refresh your graphics, expand your current set up or get you completely set up from scratch. Anything from banner stands, trade show booths and back-walls to promotional items that people love to remember you by.

These are just a few of the many tips for enjoying a bustling tradeshow season this Fall. Let us know what you plan on attending in Montana or around the Country, and if you have any questions, let the experts at INK outside the Box help you get there!

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