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Montana Import Group in Bozeman is adding ­vehicles to their fleet and INK Outside the Box is here to help. We recently finished this van wrap for Montana Import Group. It was designed to fit this larger van from their smaller vehicle wraps.

The idea is to keep their fleet and branding message consistent throughout all their marketing materials. Everything you see at their dealership reflects what is seen on the road. Montana Import Group is focused on providing more Green Friendly cars as well as adapting Green Friendly practices within their business. The vehicle wraps play off of the logo, with trees and water all while portraying the simple and clean green message.

With so many vehicles on the road carrying messages and information, what can make your vehicle stand out in a visual crowd? By creating something bold and unique, without making it obnoxious or overdone, and keeping your message simple and easy to connect with, your vehicle will leave an impression wherever you go.

For more information about vehicle graphics like this, please contact us or fill out our free online estimate request.

MIG Van Wrap Small

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