Is it all about the Premium at a Trade Show?

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Monday, March 01, 2010, 11:52:02 AM | Nomadic Display

 When most tradeshow attendees arrive at the show floor, they scan the hall and start eyeing booths like shopping stalls. And luring these attendees to your space takes out-of-the-box creativity and of course, “unconventional premiums, tschotschkes or giveaways.” In fact, giveaways are found to be very effective in making an impact on attendees’ perceptions. A recent university exit interview study of trade show attendees revealed that 76% had a favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the premium. We once provided a mini shopping cart and gift card.

Shipping Cart

 The 5-inch tall shopping cart was branded with our online shop’s site address. Each cart came with a gift card that gave an exhibitor free Rolluxe cases for any 8’ or 10’ Instand display purchased online. Our exhibitor show premium was such a big hit that attendees lined up to sit through our booth presentation in order to receive it. To help you select your promotional giveaway, here are some pointers for you to:

1. Consider your target audience. Plan to get qualifying information from visitors before dispensing gifts. You may want to invest in higher priced gifts for key clients and have lower cost items for other visitors.

2. Determine what you want the premium to do for you. Do you want it to:

♣ Generate traffic to your booth? ♣ Increase awareness of your message to attendees? ♣ Promote the introduction of a new product/service? ♣ Educate visitors about your key advantages? ♣ Serve as a token of appreciation for stopping?

3. As for selecting promotional products, keep in mind that your company’s image will be reflected in the choice you make. Ideally, your selection should create a positive image that complements your overall marketing theme.

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