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What is the best color for night sign visibility?

WHAT IS THE BEST COLOR FOR NIGHT SIGN VISIBILITY? Submitted by John Baylis on July 23, 2013 – 2:22pm I’ll bet the first color that comes to mind is red. Red has the best night visibility, right? The answer to that is “not necessarily”. In this article, Jim Fleming states that white letters have excellent night visibility. He also points out […]

Wrap it up

Montana Import Group in Bozeman is adding ­vehicles to their fleet and INK Outside the Box is here to help. We recently finished this van wrap for Montana Import Group. It was designed to fit this larger van from their smaller vehicle wraps. The idea is to keep their fleet and branding message consistent throughout […]

Burton Snowboards Window Graphics

Window space on your business can be a great advertising area. We recently put these window graphics up for Burton Snowboards on Bob Wards Sporting Goods stores around the state. Creating a cohesive marketing plan for you business can often times extend to several locations for your target market. These window graphics were applied to […]

Watch for Dogs on 8th and Main – Window Decals

Looking to make a big impact with your storefront? Look no further than removable window graphics. These large window murals of Lola, Oliver and Dakota (all dogs) are printed and applied with a removable vinyl that can be left up for a few years or changed out monthly, depending on your company’s  needs. Josh Allen from […]

Signs’ Economic Values Can be Calculated

What about the positive aspect of the benefit Electronic Message Centers provide? by Wade Swormstedt In the past week, I received calls from both a sign company and an end user as to whether or not electronic message centers (EMCs) cause traffic accidents. I replied with information about the Tantala studies. But that question only […]



Signs, there are a million of them out there. Bozeman signs, and all across Montana, signs are a necessary part of any business. They let your clients know where you are located, and draw in new people who might not have seen you before. Our world is heavily influenced by what we see, so how do you differentiate yourself in the midst of all the visual overloading?

Ink Outside the Box helps you do just that. We have innovative solutions for sign marketing, materials, graphic displays, and installation. Through the combination of substrates, color, lighting, and design, your sign will get noticed above the rest. Here is a list of materials that you can use, mix and match and get creative to have your sign produced.

• Coroplast (A high-quality polypropylene twinwall profile sheet formulated specifically for use in the screen printing, display, and packaging markets. Fluted Polypropylene Sheet (Outdoor) Coroplast retains the ability to be flexed an unlimited number of times without breaking.
• Retail Signs
• Real Estate Signs
• Political Signs
• Special Event Advertising

• Sintra
(Indoor / Outdoor – limited) Lightweight yet rigid board of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extruded in a homogenous sheet with a low gloss matte finish. Sintra will break down and become brittle over time with exposure to UV light.
• 3mm (Light Duty) Can be cut with a razor blade.
• 6mm (Heavy Duty)

• DiBond
(An aluminum composite material. ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.
• POP Displays – Long term application life
• Exhibits & Kiosks – Long term application life
• Framing – Long term application life
• Framing – Archival
• Signage – Interior – Long term application life
• Signage – Exterior – Long term application life

• Omega Board (½” Outdoor Single or Double-Sided. Outdoor Life Expectancy: 3-5 years. A smooth glossy vinyl surface with a hardwood core. White vinyl surface is highly scratch resistant, won’t flake or peel. Requires edge capping!! Great for temporary signs.
• Real estate signs
• Business signs
• Short term project signs

• Lustre Board (Outdoor Life Expectancy: 5-7 years) Painted aluminum surface with hardwood core. Pre-finished aluminum on one or two sides. Requires edge capping!!
• Post & Panel
• Portable Sidewalk Displays
• Sandwich boards and A-frames
• Two-sided project sign

• Econolite
(Outdoor) Single-Sided. Outdoor Life Expectancy: 10 Years. Painted aluminum surfaces with corrugated plastic core. Alumalite is one of the most durable panels. Lightweight, yet strong.
• Post & Rail
• Hanging signs
• Multiple panel signs (can be pinned together)
• POP displays
• Kiosks

• Alumalite (Outdoor) Two-Sided. Outdoor Life Expectancy: 10 Years. Painted aluminum surfaces with corrugated plastic core. Alumalite is one of the most durable panels. Lightweight, yet strong.
• Post & Rail
• Hanging signs
• Multiple panel signs (can be pinned together)
• POP displays
• Kiosks

• Sign Metal (Outdoor) Two-Sided. Outdoor Life Expectancy: 10 Years. Thin and lightweight as well as very durable. Sign metal is a versatile alternative for long lasting signs.
• Project Signs
• Post & Rail
• Hanging signs
• POP displays
• Kiosks

Ink Outside the Box also does backlit signs of various sizes. One color all the way too full digital printing. Make your sign in Montana stand out at night with a backlit option. Also, please make sure that all signs follow proper Bozeman City Ordinances. Please fill out a Temporary Sign Permit for all signs that are not permanent (banners, sandwich boards, coroplast yard signs) or fill out a sign permit application for any structural signs that are permanent.

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