Ink Outside the Box explores new technologies for promoting a healthier and greener environment. Digital proofs and paperless filing methods as well as recycling discarded materials and atmosphere friendly inks all aid in our fight to protect the natural world.

Ink Outside the Box is proud to offer Green friendly products for our Montana clients. Here in Gallatin Valley we know the importance of keeping our environment healthy and beautiful, and every effort makes a difference. Here are a few options we offer to help in keeping our earth green, and as always if you don’t see the product that fits your needs but you have an idea, let us know and our trained sales staff will work hard to find a solution.


X-Board is lightweight and versatile while offering designers and businesses a VOC-free alternative to MDF and other fabricated boards. It is typically used for sort-term displays of many kinds.

X-Board’s uniquely high strength crush resistant paper core is made from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste. It is covered on both sides by semi-rigid printable paper for optimal direct to substrate printing. The best part about this product is that it can be placed in any paper-recycling bin after use for a green friendly alternative.

This board can be custom cut to shape for a unique cutout, folded, or curved and also has an optional decorative laminated edge for a more finished look. Canvas or fabric-wrapped, photo-mounted and fastened together with Velcro, hot-melt adhesive or magnetic strips, can be applied generating an endless array of design possibilities.

Ink Outside the Box currently offers these applications for X-Board.

Flat exhibition trade show graphics.
Promotional signage.
Art canvas frames.
Room dividers.
Temporary Signs.
and more…

Here are a few more creative ideas for “X-Board”:

Print scratch-resistant patterns, wood grains or your favorite photos directly onto the board.
Adhesive mount paper posters or scrap-booking paper to X-Board to make a decorative pin board.
Wrap it with painted or inkjet printed art canvas material.
Wrap it with decorative pre-pigmented fabrics for soft furnishings on walls
Paint it with quick-drying blackboard or fluorescent paint. 
Paint it with hobby paints for use in theater, school play or movie sets.
Paint it with glitter for Christmas decorations or parties

X-Board Plus

X-Board Plus has the same recycled core as regular X-Board with E-Zero MDF, particle board or plywood bonded to both sides instead of paper. X-Board Plus is still best used for indoor use or temporary outdoor use, but is more rigid and structurally sound for creating printable surfaces with varying uses. This creates a green friendly building solution for such things as tables, shelves and various furniture pieces or room dividers. It can be edged with a matching laminate for a seamless look. Ink Outside the Box offers X-board Plus with printing optional for your building and artistic needs.

Mondi Extreme

Mondi Extreme is a new product that is a flexible fiberboard made from post-consumer recycled paper waste. It is excellent at repelling water and moisture for both indoor and outdoor marketing use. It’s designed to replace polymer based (plastic) substrates commonly used in the short-term sign design applications. No wax or polyethylene is used in Mondi Xtreme’s manufacturing process, yet it still lasts months outdoors with no water ingress, thanks to a proprietary new barrier coating technology.

Here are some tips to help you go green at home or at the office

Conserve Energy


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