Engage Your Trade Show Attendees

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Last week we talked about where to position yourself at a tradeshow, but all that can amount to nothing if no one stops to talk to you. After all, the main purpose of a trade show is to engage potential clients. This Blog will talk about how to connect with people at an event with the main focus being on captivating your audience and being able to tell them how your company will truly benefit them.

In a perfect world, exhibitions would be brimming with excited, proactive staff that engages visitors with ease. This is not always the case but lucky for you, knowing how to pair exceptional graphic design, creative booth systems and energetic, friendly staff will make your presentation stand out above the rest.

According to industry research, booth staff approach only one out of every 28 attendees. With the average competition like this, how do you effectively approach more people and increase your chances of creating clientele?

Exhibitor training is an absolute must before any show, making sure your staff knows the product or service inside and out and has ample resources to discover solutions should a difficult question arise. You are the expert in your field, and having the confidence and knowledge about your product will reassure your potential client that they are in safe hands.

Now here is the catch, most staff know their product well enough to answer questions and provide solutions, but if they don’t have people skills, its all for nothing. This is one of the most difficult aspects to overcome for some people. Being able to relate to complete strangers in a natural, non-forceful, friendly way is a very difficult skill to come by. Make sure that your staff has an easygoing approach to passers by. They should feel comfortable in talking about anything, even the weather, as a way to ease tension. A potential client who is at ease, is much more likely to listen to what you really have to say.

Never let your booth attendants simply stand around. Give presentations or pass out cards, always be moving and greeting people. Clients are looking for a “wow” factor, and stagnant staff means stagnant interest. Your business is fun and interesting and you want people to know. The competition wont know what hit them.

What about the competition? Most likely you are at a tradeshow that centers around a certain or many aspects of what you do. So naturally there are going to be other venders there that are offering a similar product or service as you. This is where everything we have talked about comes into play. Have a great location, good graphics and booth setup, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and you will outshine the others.

However, there are a few other things you can do to prepare. Know what the other guy is offering. Know the pros and cons of their product or service. It is like those auto insurance websites that let you compare and buy even if it is not with them. If your clients can get true and reliable information from one location, why would they go anywhere else?

Never badmouth the competition! Tradeshows are professional environments where potential clients come for information and new ideas. Instead of focusing on how bad the other guy is to make a sale, focus more on your business and how you can benefit them. With a positive and sociable presentation you will have a very successful trade show exhibition.

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