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Well we touched on this last time but I have decided to dedicate a short blog to framing. Most people would not think to obtain frames or framing solutions from a print shop, and frankly we don’t blame you.

The place you get your large printing and the place you go to get that print framed have always seemed to be separate, but what a novel idea to get them both in the same place and SAVE MONEY! Framing with Ink Outside the Box is discounted when added on to your printing order! And we carry a wide variety of materials and styles.

From metal and vinyl trims for a budget friendly finish on your print, to more elaborate wood frames with custom details, Ink Outside the Box has the solution to fit you needs and personal style. We have a variety of samples in house for you to help make your decision an easy one, as well as many more options upon special request. Giving your print a finished and professional look has never been easier with our help.

For more information about framing options please contact us.


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