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When it comes to your business the best place to start with branding is your logo. One of the first things that potential clients will notice about your business is the logo. How easy is it to understand? Does it leave an impression? and Does it lend itself to the feeling of your business?

They say that the average viewer will give your logo a 5 second glance. With such a short amount of time given to your logo, what is the most important thing to take away from it? your name? a fun image? when all is said and done it is up to you the business owner to decide what you want people to see.

A good exercise to try is, without looking; think of as many logos as you can from famous or otherwise companies. Sketch them down in a five-minuet period. Now look them up online and see how close you were. There are some obvious ones like Nike, CNN, or McDonalds, but try and think of local logos as well. You will be surprised what you remember and what you don’t.

You may already have a logo as a company, and feel afraid to change it now, and loose your established brand recognition, but look at the past histories of logos. Some examples are AT&T or John Deer; they went through what is know as a “logo refresh.” This involves keeping the same feeling as the old logo but updating it in a modern way. Keeping you logo up to date shows your clients that you are always looking to the future. Your business is fresh and current with good design and modern practices, never getting left in the dark.

Here are some examples of logos and logo refresh projects that we have done here at Ink Outside the Box.

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