Pristine Specialty Cleaning Truck / Trailer Wrap

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Recently Pristine Specialty Cleaning in Bozeman, Montana, underwent a complete transformation for their company truck. The truck has even changed colors, from red to black with this full graphic wrap.

Often times, the question of completely repainting a vehicle and then covering it with some graphics comes into play. What is a cost effective solution to gain a large impact for marketing purposes? We say, cover the entire vehicle with a car wrap. This allows you the freedom to completely customize the look and keep with the current marketing design of your business.

Pristine Specialty Cleaning has chosen to change the color of their truck with this wrap and include a subtle leaf pattern based on their logo. Strong colors create an eye-catching flow from front to back that leads the eye along the truck. A large leaf, also based on their logo, draws attention to the truck in its bold green color. The graphic design is clean and free of confusing imagery. This insures the most impact in a short period of time. The message is concise and bold, also lending to the visually pleasing look of the truck.

With so many vehicles on the road carrying messages and information, what can make your vehicle stand out in a visual crowd? By creating something bold and unique, without making it obnoxious or overdone, and keeping your message simple and easy to connect with, your vehicle will leave an impression wherever you go.

Still to come for Pristine Specialty Cleaning is a full trailer wrap to match the truck, so that when the two are joined together they create one cohesive statement. Also a new website, that will pull together all of their new branding and graphic marketing design.

Check out the images below for a before and after of this track wrap transformation, and for more information about vehicle graphics like this, please contact us or fill out our free online estimate request.

Before (click to enlarge)


After (click to enlarge)

Pristine Truck Wrap Large

Together (click to enlarge)

Pristine Truck and Trailer Large

7 responses to “Pristine Specialty Cleaning Truck / Trailer Wrap”

  1. It was hard for us to change our pretty red truck to black, but WOW! We think it will make a huge impact on passersby. We enjoy working with the crew at INK. They are a local business like ourselves, so you get the personal attention and flexibility that is lacking in large franchise operations. INK’s artwork is the best we’ve encountered. We can’t wait to get the trailer finished.

  2. Gimel says:

    I acctually saw Jason yesterday in traffic. I did not know it was him at first but my eye was drawn to the truck immediatly, and when I saw Pristine I was shocked at the transformation. (I thought it was a new truck). Looks great! It certainly is eye catching.

  3. sharon says:

    Soooo stylin. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  4. Alta says:

    That is groovy, baby.

  5. JoDee says:

    can’t believe it’s not a subaru…
    morgan and i will be down soon next month or so… maybe we will get to see you then

  6. apedawg says:

    BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!! What a GREAT change. And NO one will miss this beauty! The plain red was boring as a business truck, :) but now what an advertisement for the companies, both of them, INK included!! totally AWESOME!! great idea, great job

  7. Heidi says:

    Wow it’s amazing!!! I am excited for you guys. Ink’s work is great!

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