Trade Show Services For Your Benefit

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Most often in the tradeshow world, officials, representatives, and service providers are available to assist you with your show needs once at the trade show. Knowing some simple tips for utilizing these services will help you get the most out of your experience.

Here are quick tips for you on how you can maximize your trade show’s services:

  1. 1. Know what services you need

    Know which products you are planning to demonstrate and display, and what utilities are required (and how much), make decisions on carpeting, furniture, color schemes, cleaning and security services. Services ordered on the show floor could result in 50% additional costs.

  2. 2. Get to know the show services representatives

    The show services representatives can be your best friends. They often have the answers to many of your questions or problems. Remember, their job is to help you.

  3. 3. Work with union labor (where applicable)

    Every city/country is different regarding union rules. Read the service manual carefully to familiarize yourself with what is and is not permissible. Any questions should be directed to show management or the service contractor. Consider hiring your exhibiting display house to provide set-up supervision.
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