Window Static and Removable Wall Graphics

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A lot of times people think they are limited to banners for short term promotions or product highlights. Some things to consider the next time your business wants to do a special promotion are window statics and or removable wall graphics.

Window Statics are great for creating eye-catching displays in your windows, mirrors or any smooth glass surface. They apply and are removed with ease and are even reusable. Window statics are also a great way to complete any window display and add that special extra touch.

Removable wall graphics are like window statics in that they go on and off with ease and contribute to a professional and cohesive marketing campaign. Advertise a sale, special product or simply create a changing theme for a certain area.

In today’s market, we know that it is important to keep ideas and visual marketing fresh and ever changing in order to attract new and continued business. Window statics and removable wall graphics are a great alternative to banners without breaking the bank or committing to permanent displays.

Please contact us in order to help you create creative graphic solutions like these.

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