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Temporary signs are becoming increasingly popular around Bozeman and Montana. Whether it be for an event like a fair or market, or a great sale from one of our local businesses. One effective way to get the most impact for your dollar is with a banner.

Banners are a great way to display large graphics and information, and when your done just roll it up and store it for next time. Here at Ink Outside the Box we have a wide range of banner types and printing styles.

Banner types:

Mesh Banner (This lightweight and durable material is great for wind resistance and impact. It has a semi transparent look and is perfect for store windows and sides of buildings.)

13 ozĀ  Banner (Lightweight and easy to store, this option is perfect for temporary uses like events and sales. It has a high white point and works well indoors or outdoors.)

18 oz Banner (This option is more durable and weather resistant. It has a high white point that makes all your imagery stand out)

Fabric Banner (Fabrics are perfect for higher end displays like in store signage. They have a light and airy appearance and a slight sheen. They are a great way to make a lasting impression.)

Here at Ink Outside the Box we offer a green friendly printing option for all your Bozeman printing needs. It is a UV ink that produces no chemical out gassing. We can also produce one color banners with vinyl. Please contact us if you would like a sample of these banner options as well as printing quality.

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